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18/08/09 17:30
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It is believed that dropship luxury brands should have its limitation during the drop shipping process such as lower profit margin, extra fees charged by government and other agencies. Therefore, it is worth to dropship luxury brands worldwide because of its large audiences, however, its higher costs and complex trading process should limit the future development of luxury brands drop shipping business. As we know that most of luxury products are welcomed by consumers because of its trendy designs and higher quality. Therefore, in this part, I’ll list some of the institutes for selling, and these products are actually selling on Chinabrands which is a global drop shipping platform as well.

a. Products with higher quality. The following picture is one of the most popular media players on Chinabrands now, it named LCD projector. As the description shows that the LCD projectors are totally made by metals which makes it harder rather than plastics or other materials. Moreover, it has the axial fan for supporting its cooling system, which should be helpful for cooling down LCD projectors because it may working for a long period and it should has higher temperatures. In addition, Chinabrands owned its professional quality control teams to ensure each products on selling should have higher quality.

b. Trendy designs. It is possible to understand that trendy designs is another main reasons why retailers want to dropship luxury brands for drop shipping business. Furthermore, retailers need to find some more products which have trendy or unique designs for attracting consumers. According to the introduction from Chinabrands, it can know that they are cooperating with a designer team, and they are selling these designer-products on Chinabrands too. It is believe that the designer-products are one of the most popular categories on Chinabrands now, because of its unique and trendy design. The picture below is one of the designer-dresses on Chinabrands. It is a lace dress that mainly covers by black colors, the vintage style shows the combination between old-school style and modern style. Moreover, the sweetheart neckline is another designs for ladies to hanging out in parties with friends.

There are so many products still can be profitable if it has higher quality and trendy designs. Moreover, its lower costs of manufacturing and delivery should allows retailers to gain much more profits from it. Moreover, these products can be the options for substitute luxury products for drop shipping business.

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